Packaging Solutions

Watch the videos of our machines in operation.

1 - Short Company Presentation

C.I.A srl manufactures semi-automatic and full automatic weighing-filling-sealing machines suitable for weighing, dosing and packaging a wide range of products.

2- Our food packaging machines. Quality and reliability

We directly produce in our factory, professional systems for weighing and packaging many products. CIA SRL produces various systems for packaging many products such as: pasta, rice, coffee, legumes, dried fruit, flour, powders, biscuits, snacks, pet food and many other food and non-food products.

3- Pet Food (Packaging Solutions)

A variety of packaging machines semi-automatic and automatic to weigh and to package a wider vast range of products "Pet-food" as: dry food for dogs and cats, croquettes vacuum, foods for birds, fishes and very other.

4- Dosing Weighing Machine for powders Accurate and fast

An innovative and precise system volume/weight to dose semiautomatically powders, flours, and semi-powders products.

5- Packaging Legumes and spices

This video shows in a few minutes some interesting packaging machines that weigh and package legumes such as: chickpeas, lentils, beans, soya, etc., and spices such as: thyme, lemon balm, saffron, turmeric, liquorice.

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